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Client: various
Description: Animations

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Client: Company B/The Canadian Association of Financial Institutions in Insurance (CAFII)
Description: Web Design

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Photo Manipulation

Client: Various
Description: Collection of Before and After 'Photoshopped' images.

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Waterfall Naturals

Client: Waterfall Naturals
Description: Logo, Poster and Brochure

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  • Print Design

    I love print. Print is not dead. I love the smell of ink and the feel of paper. This is Print Design.
  • Web Design

    I love the internet! It's phenomenal that we can now surf on our phones. This is Web Design.
  • +Beyond

    Design is more then paper and screens. It's in everything we touch and see. This is beyond design.

As a motivated, creative designer with years of experience, I deliver to meet your marketing, branding and creative communication needs. Have a look around and

let's start something.

Johnlee Raine

122 King Edward Ave., Toronto, Canada
johnlee@jlrdesign.ca | 647 235.8812