Client: various
Description: Animations

Note: Some animations will not play on iOS devices as they're Flash based.


Globie Announcement: Globie is Bayer Canada Inc. internal branding vehicle for the Corporate Responsibility Committee. This animation was created to help inform staff of the number of achievements and activities CRC had done for Bayer.



Beautiful Heat: I created several animations to help introduce consumers and professionals to the many features and benefits of Radiant Hydronic Heating. Here are the two main animations - one for consumers and for professionals.

  • Print Design

    I love print. Print is not dead. I love the smell of ink and the feel of paper. This is Print Design.
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    I love the internet! It's phenomenal that we can now surf on our phones. This is Web Design.
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    Design is more then paper and screens. It's in everything we touch and see. This is beyond design.

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